Edible Fake Blood Recipes

Hey, ya’ll I know it has been a little bit since I have posted on the site! But I bet you understand the holiday season, full of joy and cheer. But also very full of time being used! Before Christmas came around I posted a video making edible fake blood, which you can find on my YouTube channel, Edible Fake Blood Video, go over there to get more of a visual tutorial. To accompany that I am bringing you the recipes! From Stage Blood to deep ooey gooey scab blood! Stay tuned for a comparison to different mehron bloods, but until then lets get into and all the way around these recipes! To understand all of these blood types, go check out my other post, A Beginners Guide To Special Effects Makeup.

Stage Blood

  • 2 C. Corn syrup
  • 2 Tbs. Condensed milk
  • Red Food Dye (till you are pleased)
  • 2 drop: Yellow food Dye
  • 1 drop: Blue Food Dye (Optional, for darker blood)
  • Mint Extract (Optional: to keep the flies away)
  • Water ( Until it is the consistency you would like)
  1. Combine all, in order from the first ingredient to the last. Then add water to get consistency you would like.

Scab Blood (Aloe Vera)

So this recipe is not edible, but that does not take away from the fact that it makes for a great congealed blood. Although you may not be able to use this in your mouth, don’t be afraid to use everywhere else. Bloody hair, maybe?

  • 1/2 Cup Aloe Vera
  • 1 tsp. Chocolate syrup
  • Red Food Dye (till you are pleased)
  • Yellow Food Dye
  • 1 drop: Blue Food Dye
  1. Combine all until you are satisfied with the look.

Scab Blood (Gelatin)

  • 2 Cups Corn Syrup
  • 2 Cups Water
  • 1 Tbs. chocolate syrup
  • Red Food dye (till you are pleased)
  • Yellow Food Dye
  • 1 drop Blue Food Dye
  • 2 packets Knox Gelatin
  1. Combine everything from the corn syrup to the gelatin. Combine well.
  2. In increments of 30 seconds, put in the microwave until the liquid is hot and the gelatin is dissolved!
  3. Leave On counter to cool down, then put in fridge overnight to completely set
  4. You do not need to reheat this product to use on skin.

Remember, don’t forget to check out the video, Edible fake blood video, to see how they turn out and how it can help in application!


Edible Fake Blood Recipes Video

Hello, my little creeps, today I am bringing you an D.I. Y of how to make your own fake blood. You know that little surprise I have been hinting at while doing this blood series! It is finally here, I know it took a little while, but no more holding your breath. The big reveal… I started a YouTube channel. In which, I will be doing more visual ways of learning for those of you who learn better that way or just for entertainment purposes. I figured this would be the best time to put this out there, right before the holidays, as a gift from me to you, that will continue giving.

I definitely plan on doing an “after Christmas, Christmas series”, because why save all the cheer for just the holidays? I may also just love the holidays and want to prolong it, either way, I am very excited to be going on this journey with my little creeps. Speaking of stay tuned here, this is going to be the perfect place for all the insider things. Also, this is where it all started, so anything related to special effects makeup will be posted here first!

So Subscribe here and subscribe on my YouTube channel, cause this girl has loads of ideas coming your way! Happy Holidays, and without further adieu…

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Top 10 Makeup Transformations in Film History

Hello, my little creeps, I must apologize I’ve been gone for a week. But don’t worry it has been a very productive week, I have got a few projects I am working on. While that is taking some time, I figured I would drop by with some cool film facts! So today we are going to be talking all about cool special effects makeup in film history. Starting at the best going into legendary!

countdown GIF

Ron Perlman as “Hellboy”(2004)

Taking many hours, many prosthetics, a skull cap filled with foam and huge fists. Most of his body is created by latex prosthetics. Fun fact, Ron Perlman was hired after the costume was made. The costume was created by Rick Bakers Cinovation studio. The makeup was applied by Jake Garber, Garber has been involved with a ton of other movies! He also is involved with not only the makeup but stunts, art directing and puppetry.

panel GIF

John Matuszack as Sloth


Sitting at four to five hours in a chair, sloth the big friendly giant came to life! With a remote control eye, ears and a lot of prosthetics! Steve Lapone thank you for creating such a masterpiece.

Image result for sloth goonies makeup transformation

Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger (1984)

“A Nightmare on Elm Street”

Us 90s kids worsts nightmares. Stay awake so Freddy Kruger couldn’t slip into your dreams. Burned alive now he has the ability to enter dreams and he is thirsty for blood! Kevin Yahger the artists used, a bald cap, makeup and prosthetics to create this look. The most iconic burn victim known to man!

Image result for freddy krueger makeup transformation robert englund

freddy krueger terror GIF

Dustin Hoffman as “Tootsie”(1982)

We all know about the past history of turning men into women in film. These kinds of transformations have a place in all of our hearts. This one was quite legendary. Before accepting the job Dustin Hoffman had to make sure he could walk the streets of New York and no one would question his womanhood. In fact, he actually picked his daughter up from school and she did not recognize him at all. So when he accepted the offer he had to endure a stretched face, new long and thin teeth and masked pores. Here is a very serious quote from Hoffman, “I had an epiphany looking into the mirror as a woman, it changed my whole outlook on how I look at a woman!”

Image result for tootsie makeup transformationImage result for tootsie makeup transformation

Jeff Goldblum as Seth Brundle

“The Fly” (1986)

On one eerie night, a very impatient scientist named Seth Brundle transported himself, using a machine he had created. Little did he know a fly joined him on his trip combining there DNA! Slowly he would enter different stages of his last true self half fly, half man. Spending five hours in the chair and plenty of latex, eggs, honey and milk. Being that there is several stages of makeup and a budget they had to use more affordable options.

Image result for the fly jeff goldblum makeup transformationImage result for the fly jeff goldblum makeup transformation

Doug Jones as Paleman

“Pans Labyrinth” (2006)

If you have ever seen this saggy sac of a creature you most likely can’t decide whether you want to never see this creature again or see it all the time, in awe. This is a masterpiece created by Arjen Tuiten also doing makeup for Maleficent and Wonder! This makeup features completely sealed face, saggy skin from head to toe, CGI eye hands and legs. This took a total of 6 hours!

Image result for paleman makeup transformationImage result for doug jones pale man makeup transformation

guillermo del toro monsters GIF

Colin Clive as “Frankenstein”(1931)

This film is a classic! I really appreciate the foundations of masterful special effects makeup. Especially since it was created in 1931, the time period of no latex. Using mostly glue, gum and cotton. 35 pounds later Frankenstein was born.

Image result for colin clive frankenstein makeup transformation

Planet of the Apes(1968)

The Oscar winning John Chambers took lead of all the makeup. So he actually was not involved with special effects makeup until this movie. Before he had joined the wonderful world of film he created prosthetic noses, chins and other body parts for patients. With his team of 80 artists he created individual molds for 80 actors to then create ape masks. To prepare for this he would visit the zoo and study the movement of apes. He then created a rubber foam that could mimic these movements. With his team he created over a hundred different masks.

Image result for planet of the apes 1968 makeup transformation john chambers

John Hurt as John Merrick

“Elephant Man”(1980)

At a startling total of 49 hours in the chair working in different sections of the body, the elephant man takes lead! This exquisite work was created by Christopher Tucker. In fact, he was so deep into his work he received an x-ray image of the elephant mans bone structure that he worked off of. People were so enraged the academy was not recognizing this work, they started an uproar that lead to the academy creating a Special Effects makeup categorie. Yes, this was the movie that made the academy recognize special effects makeup.

Image result for the elephant man makeup transformation

Image result for the elephant man makeup transformation

Image result for the elephant man makeup transformation

Check out this video of Christopher Tucker on creating “The Elephant Man”


Happy Thanksgiving,

Now it is time for me to go spend some time with my family. I hope you enjoyed this goldmine of fun facts! Next time around I will have something really special!

Your Yoda,


The History of Fake Blood

Hey, my little creeps, I am back again with some more intriguing content on blood. Today we are going to be talking about the cinematic history of fake blood. So not only are we getting gory but we are diving straight into the rich history of film from the very beginning. Fake Blood has been around for hundreds of years. Constantly changing, people create new recipes to cater to their needs. Fake blood is a major prop in horror films and continues to get more realistic as the years go by. By the end of this post your mind will be blown and their will blood all over the walls. Did I take that a little to far, probably? But hey if you keep on reading you will understand why! So if your curious, I promise this will not disappoint. It all started with…

The Théâtre

Founded on a formal chapel in Paris, France the Grand-Guignol “Theater of big puppet” sat still but inside the walls of that theater, history was made. This was the first theater to feature body dismemberment, eye gauging and a lot of blood to follow. Now you may have heard during these times their recipe for blood, came straight from an animal its self. As if taking a body apart one by one in front of a live audience was not enough. I am here to tell all you believers that is just not true, I am sorry but it just isn’t very logical. Morally it isn’t okay, ethical no, and definitely not sanitary.

Image result for grand guignolImage result for grand guignol

I actually have the recipe siting right next to me. They used equal parts pure glycerin and carmine. Pure Glycerin can be found in any drugstore and it is used for moisturizing your skin. Which was great because it was safe to use on the skin in large or small batches. Carmine, is a small red bug, that is boiled, then drained to obtain the red pigment. Sounds kinda gross, but here is another fun fact for you. Carmine is used heavily in our everyday lives from using it in dyes, makeup and get this it is used a lot in the food industry. Carmine is also known as natural red 4.

This recipe was great because it was safe to use around skin and the mouth. It was also great because it would thicken as it sat so it would create that ooey gooey texture we all know and love. When they needed something that created more of a scab blood texture, they would use current jelly. Kind of genius for this time period!

Black & White(Beginning of Film)

So when film started to take flight, plays took to the back burner and black & white silent films emerged. In 1915, we saw the first bloodshed know to man in a film called Intolerance, during a battle scene, directed by D. W Griffith same director as birth of a nation. Now I may not agree with some things he has done or his beliefs but I have to say this, it is part of history. After that movie was released most horror movies afterwards would steadily favor a more Gothic mood.

In 1922 Nofestry features one of the characters cutting his finger and a dot of blood the size of a dime trickles out. This was the most blood seen in a film up to this point. About a decade later the infamous Dracula was released once again favoring a dark tone but nothing too horrific. 1931’s Dracula recreated the bleeding finger scene and that movie was about vampires. A little sad compared to the gore we know all about today.

vampire GIF

During the 30s the Hayes code was made stating that, “Brutal killings are not to be presented in detail.” So for the longest time displaying blood and gore would be considered illegal and did not often happen, if ever at all. Thank god for the supreme court for ruling that this was considered freedom of speech and therefore you can put whatever or however much gore you would choose to in film. This however did not happen until the 1950s by Joseph Burstyn, Inc v. Wilson

So once they could incorporate blood into their films, they most definitely did. In the form of good old chocolate syrup. It was perfect because the dark color of the syrup contrasted very well in black and white films. It was also very affordable, safe to use, it had the perfect texture and it tasted good!

psycho janet leigh GIF

Bleeding in Color

With the invention of colored film became a whole new advanced era of blood and gore, that became more realistic in movies and television. Chocolate syrup could no longer make the cut. In 1957 The Curse of Frankenstein made its debut, painting the town in red. This movie featured more of a fluorescent red which was know as the Kensington gore blood age.

classic film horror GIF by Warner Archive

Florescent blood seemed very unrealistic and Hershell Gordon Lewis, an American filmmaker took notice of this. He then hired Barfred Laboratories to create a more believable recipe for blood. So in 1963, kensington gore had left the stage and the blood fest began. This was when The Shining came out using the new recipe of blood. Which was two parts golden syrup, 1 part water, cornstarch(for thicker texture, to seem like it was coagulated blood), Peppermint oil(which was great for keeping the bugs away), red, yellow and blue food coloring.

stephen king blood GIF

But the man who revolutionized blood goes to the makeup artist, Dick Smith. After they had achieved the perfect color of blood during the blood fest era, dick smith would achieve the perfect texture. The reveal for the recipe will come in later date, so stay tuned. Past Bloods had always just laid on top of clothes and yes it looked like blood but it did not have the same characteristics as real blood did. Seeing the difference is quite dramatic, so dramatic that movies such as the exorcists, taxi driver and the godfather would receive backlash at how realistic the blood scenes would get.

Image result for dick smith makeup

In fact, the movie, Taxi Driver, was threatened by the MPPDA to receive an x rated review because the scenes were too realistic. To avoid this, the director Martin Scorsese, decided to destaturate the entire movie to make the blood more presentable, giving it a darker tone. Dick Smith’s blood recipe was then passed down to Weinstein, Baker, Boutin and others. Recipes for blood are ever-changing. The technique of making blood scenes more presentable has passed down as well. For example in Kill Bill: Volume One, when she is single handily slaughtering the crazy eight gang, it goes into black in white. For two reasons one a form of desaturation and two paying an homage to Japanese kung fu fighting TV shows. But when released in japan they kept the scene full color and full of blood.

kill bill GIF

We have met our bloody end..

Alright, my little creeps, that is all I have for you today. Hopefully you have a bunch of really cool fun facts to share now. I loved writing on this and I hope you enjoyed it too. If you have any further questions or comments, please leave them below. Until next time, your Yoda is signing out. Next time around I have some bloody good things for you!





A Beginners Guide To Special Effects Blood!

Hello, my little creeps, today I am bringing you something I know you have been waiting for, gore! Yes, you guessed it Blood! We will be talking all about different kinds of blood and what purpose they would be best for. If we are being honest they are great for a lot of things dealing with some really cool Special Effects! Being rich in cinematic history, great for some really cool DIY’s and videos coming your way! This topic will be a series of discussions and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Alright, so shall we get straight into it!

Gel Blood

Gel Blood has any ooey gooey texture that is actually quite satisfying if you ask me. It is great for using when you create a nice gash is fresh, but has gone a few minutes bleeding, kind of blood. It creates the illusion of dripping blood but will stay in place.

But don’t think if you go touching it or bumping into somebody it is gonna stay, because it won’t, don’t lie to yourself. I would recommend getting a darker color of blood for more realistic looks, the more fluorescent red the blood gets the more it becomes less real. But don’t get me wrong, fluorescent red is handy too for certain looks, for example, a devil.

Here are some good gel blood:

Grafttobian Gel Blood 1 oz Bottle: 7.99$ Mehron Coagulated Gel Blood: 6.75$

Graftobian Blood Gel, 1oz BottleImage result for gel blood

A little bit of this goes along way so even though it may be only 1 oz. You should also understand that you never really want to cover up everything that you did because you just did all that hard work, why cover it up? It should last, it is the perfect color and the perfect gooeyness. It is pretty affordable and if we aren’t kidding our selves every SFX artist needs a bit of this in their bag! Or at least I do, this is my favorite type of blood, so yes I need it!

Gash made with latex and Gel Blood

Squirt Blood

Squirt Blood is great for a lot of different techniques, to create a more splattered look. For example in the movie, American Psycho, when he has the poncho on him and he happens to just take an axe to his coworkers head, he is then splattered with blood everywhere. You can create this look, by dipping a makeup brush in the blood to then flick it on your body, you can take a spray bottle spray it on you, you can splatter blood onto you or another object, their are loads you can do! This is more of a blood that is super fresh and looks best if it is little bit more red.

Stage Blood is very similar a little thicker but can also be watered down if need be. At its thicker stage, you can create capsules to put in your teeth, for a vampire look. You can create a future wound by capsules then covering them with latex or a prosthetic to make a scene, such as when you see neck slits in movies and blood squirts out. Here are a couple of different bloods you can use:

Mehron Squirt Blood 2 oz:6:58$

Graftobian Stage Blood 2 oz: 14.00$

Ben Nye Stage Blood 2 oz: 10.95$

Mehron Makeup Squirt Blood (2 oz) (Bright Arterial)Graftobian Stage Blood (2 oz)Stage Blood

Image result for american psycho poncho


Scab Blood

Scab blood is great for creating the effect of an old wound. They are quite thick, such as a paste and usually is made to be pretty dark, as if the blood has oxidized.I love scab blood, It is great for burns, kind of makes it look like the blood has started to caramelize and become thick, gooey and gross. It also doesn’t move, when it is their it stays, you have full control over this blood. Disclaimer this blood is a bit more pricey. Once again, these are good in small amounts, because you won’t need much of them. Here is some scab blood that I enjoy:

Ben nye scab Blood 1 oz: 18.99$   Gratobian Blood Paste 1 oz: 8.24$

Ben Nye BLOOD Fresh Scab Gel 1 ozGraftobian Blood Paste, 1oz Jar

Image result for scab blood sfx look

Gelatine Blood

Gelatine Blood is blood that is made from gelatin so it dries on the skin. This blood is great if you are going to be out or you know their might be wear and tear. It has the same look as gel blood, it has the sheen the only difference is you will need to peel off this blood. You can also create this gelatin at home just use my gelatin recipe, click here for the recipe, then just add some food coloring, red because yah know blood, a little blue to darken the color and yellow. This blood is pretty good for Halloween. Here are some more details on gelatin you should read before creating,Gelatine.

Blood Powder and Alcohol Activated Paint

Blood Powder is great for creating burn looks, because it is a powder it comes off more dusty and crisp than regular blood. You can also us blood powder to create large batches of blood if you want create a carrie’ scene. Just mix with my favorite Karo syrup and you will love this blood. It is more affordable to use this than buying gallons of good realistic blood.

Alcohol Activated Paints are great for creating blood effects too. You know when your wound is a bit smudged or a little wore, these make a cut seem real. Just add a little bit of 99% alcohol and you are good. To learn more about alcohol activated paints just visit my earlier posts, to learn more about different paints.

Image result for Graftobian blood powderImage result for alcohol activated paint blood palette

Image result for sfx burn victim

Teeth Blood

If the name couldn’t be more obvious this blood is designed for your teeth, specifically safe to go in your mouth. When applying it is best if you wait for it to dry before closing your mouth so it lasts longer. It is great for a vampire look or as if someone has been coughing up blood! Oh and remember a little goes a long way.

Mehron Tooth Blood .25 oz Blood Red:  10.99$


Click on the picture if you are interested!

Eye Blood

Just like teeth blood is safe to use in your mouth, eye blood is safe to use in your eyes. Please do not attempt to put any other kind of blood in your eyes except for eye blood, you will regret it. Eye Blood is so much fun, I mean you can use it whenever you see fit, ha get it see! I think it is great with a stranded in the dessert look. But just a disclaimer here it does tend to get a bit more hard to see. So just be cognizant of this when you are choosing where to wear it. Also if you are interested in this, just take a quick click on the picture. I promise it helps me to help you. There is some stuff coming that I am extremely excited about, it is a surprise but it is coming! So if you are going to buy it, as a gift or for yourself, why not do it through me?

Kryolan Red Eye Blood: 34.00$



Until next time,

Your Yoda is signing out, I will see you guys next time with a very gory surprise! This is gonna be fun you guys, don’t worry. I hope this information helped you and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns leave them below. I always try to reply in a good amount of time!






Make Your Own: Special Effects Gelatin

Hello my creeps, I am back again and when I make a promise, I keep my promise. I have something for you today that hits home for me, making my own things, y’all I have always been the kind of person to DIY everything. I mean who could hate it, its crafty, its affordable and you made it with your own two hands. Now I am gonna finally get to the point, today we are making sfx gelatin, to fulfill all your creative needs.


  • Microwave
  • Bowl
  • Gloves
  • Ice cube trays( best with silicone)
  • Long spoon to stir with


(Ratio/My recipe)

  • 1 Part/ 100g Gelatine
  • 2.5 Part/ 250g Sorbital
  • 3 Parts/ 300g Glycerin

Basically when finished it should be more liquid to powder, overtime you will probably change this recipe based on just what you prefer. But it will always remain more liquid to powder.

Image result for gelatin mouldlife

History Time!

Gelatin is a very versatile product for creating looks, we have talked about this before right here, “Starter Kit Specials Effects Makeup: Building up a look” ! So we are going to be taking a history class,dun Dun DUN! Back in the day in 1925, Mr Oscar T Bloom created a machine for testing the strengths of glue and gelatin. The machine judged the strength of gelatin form 30 to 300. Commercial gelatin found in stores and used in food is around 120 bloom. Sfx gelatin is around 300 bloom.

  • Low Level: 30-125
  • Medium level: 175-225
  • High Level: 225-300

This is a lil bit hilarious because there is another definition of bloom related to gelatin as well. So when you hear you have to let the gelatin bloom, they mean you have to let the gelatin sit so that it may be incorporated to your base properly. Without letting the gelatin bloom it will have a low level of bloom(the other one). Man this guy was a little bit into himself.

Disclaimer: Sfx gelatin is not vegan it is made from collagen, which is found in animals. I would also recommend buying the ingredients at Mouldlife, this way you can buy everything at once and it all comes in the mail at once. They also only really sell these items in bulk, which is great, I think! You buy it once and you always have the products to make gelatin on hand.


  1. Mix the three ingredients together
  2. Let soak overnight, to make bloom the gelatin or make sure the gelatin is incorporated
  3. Microwave for six minutes in 2 minute increments, until granules of gelatin is melted and smooth
  4. Place in ice cube trays
  5. Let cool, on counter
  6. Pull out( Ha, which will be easier if you have a silicone ice cube tray)
  7. Place in sealed container or sealed bag
  8. DONE!
  9. As easy as that!

Image result for gelatin bloom strength






A Beginners Guide to Special Effects Makeup: Body and Face Paint

Hello again, my little creeps, so in my last post we talked all about how to build a nice foundation. Today, we are going to be talking about all kinds of paint, to take your look to a whole nother level. I will be telling you the pros and cons of various kinds of paint and what situation these would be good for. So grab your reference picture and let’s get to painting.

Water Activated Paints

So, if you could not tell by the name, these paints are activated by water. The more water you use the more the paint comes off transparent, the less you use the more the paint comes off opaque. I bet you get the idea.

Just like these paints are activated with water, they also can come off with water. Which is great for easy clean up. But is not the best when you may be put in a position where you can sweat or it is raining, or a sprinkler comes on. So for example this would not be the best choice if you were a character in a haunted house.

They are great in the idea that you can control the look the way you want to by adding more water or less to make it opaque or transparent. They are great for making realistic looks, creating veins that seem to be more under the skin than just sitting on top.

Hydrocolor 12 Color PaletteHydrocolor 6 Color Palettes

Option 1: Wolfe Hydrocolor water based paints

  • Full palette: 30$
  • 6 Mini Palettes: 16$ Includes Flesh, Monster, Metallic and the Essentials
  • This company gives a quality product when it comes to watercolor paints, they have been doing it since 2005! They are very pigmented and they don’t stain!

Ben Nye Magicake Face Painting Palettes

Option 2: Ben Nye Aqua Magicake Face Paint

  • 28$
  • Comes with 6 colors that can mixed to make 25-50 colors

Alright you guys so I feel like I must also share with you, there is something called final seal. Sounds professional right? Anyways you can finish these paints with a final seal spray to set your paint so it may last longer and stand up to anything! Be strong paint!


Alcohol activated Paints

So these are pretty straight forward here. They know who they are and they let you know too. This kind of paint is activated by alcohol, but something you may not know is that it requires 99% alcohol. So it is great in terms of transparency and being opaque, once again if you would like it that way either add more alcohol or less. It is great for details and realistic looks, not only that this paint will remain in the worst of circumstances. They are gonna stay put rain or shine! Although you wouldn’t want to put this paint near you eyes, cause yah know, the alcohol.

Skin Illustrator FX Palette - Alcohol Activated Palette - A MUST HAVE by PPIPPI Skin Illustrator Zombie Makeup PaletteSkin Illustrator Starter Palette - NEW PRODUCT! 12 colors

Skin Illustrator ( Various Kinds)

  • What is really great about this brand, they create different palettes for different looks. Such as, Flesh, Zombie, Blood, wolf, etc. But If you are a first time buyer I would recommend getting the starter palette.
  • They are a little pricey but they are really great in quality and will last you a while.
  • They run from 40-90$ depending on the pallet and the amount of colors.
  • The starter pallet: 60$ and comes with 12 colors, which you can pick by just clicking right

The One Set Flesh tone Palette is my favorite, if you would like to know! It is great for creating very realistic looks, I mean I use this for everything. I don’t know where my life would be without it! They have two palettes light and dark both ranging in tones to work with, at a minimum 5 different skin tones.  If you want to buy this, why not do it through me! I just funnel it back into some really cool content to make for you guys. That I am super excited to do! Well anyways if you click on the picture, it will take you straight to it! It is 84.99$ the perfect gift and comes with 10 different colors.  Also great for any looks!Cream Paints and Grease Paints

So this is the last type of paint I have for you guys. They are really great for using on prosthetics but may not be the best for body painting, they are very transferable. They will come off very easily and they have little control. They however are a great affordable option! Although you may not be able to control how opaque they may be, they are very pigmented. Just like with makeup you can choose how much you would like to put on your face. They always last me a decent amount of time and come in handy! These however will require a lot of really good setting powder!


Graftobian Professional Makeup Severe Trauma Wheel, 1 OunceBen Nye Color Makeup Wheels - Rainbow RW (6 Colors)

Creme and Grease Paints

  • We have Graftobian, ben nye and not pictured above mehron
  • All great, very pigmented
  • Range from 10-20$, you can find some even cheaper at Halloween stores

Some videos to help:

See how to use your alcohol pallets with efficiency

Body Paints!

The Grinch Body paint, cause if you didn’t know my favorite holiday is Christmas and Halloween comes second. #sorrynotsorry

In Conclusion.

That is it my little creeps, all I have left to say is all of these items are great. It just depends on what you are doing to be a deciding factor. I hope this has helped your needs and I will see you next time. Next time, I am going to be talking all about how to be a cheap and DIY. So if you like getting a little crafty stay tuned and as always stay creepy! This is your Yoda checking out.





Starter Kit Special Effects Makeup: Building up a look!

Hey, my little creeps, it is your favorite guide back again. So in my last post we talked about kits and I told you I would be coming to tell you how to build your own. Today we will be speaking on wounds, scars, holes, bites, burns and the removal of them. I am going to be giving you a summary on all prosthetic materials so you can build your very own look. This is the foundation, so use your mind, be creative and you can become anything you would like!

Liquid Latex

I am sure you have heard of liquid latex, it is a very useful product to have in your collection. From making full latex masks, to using it for building scars and wounds of any sort. You can also use with, tissue paper, cotton balls and coffee grounds to create textures as well to apply other prosthetic, such as a bald caps. This is a must have in your collection! So here are a few options, with prices and amounts.

Before we get into this I have a little disclaimer. It is a common allergy, so before you apply to your entire face, try using on a little patch of your arm or leg to see how your body reacts to the product. Also, some liquid latex may let off a smell that may irritate your eyes before drying, so don’t be alarmed just next time try getting one with less ammonia!

Option 1:                                               Option 2:


16 oz                                                      8 oz

14.88 $                                                  23.95$

Make this awesome venom mask with latex!

  • Honestly my choice would be the Ben Nye Liquid Latex, just because it is better quality, in my opinion. For putting it on your face directly,  I would definitely go with Ben Nye. Just cause I know I have sensitive skin and with the monster latex, I am not really sure how it would react to my skin. The Monster Liquid Latex is more for purposes in which you create the prosthetic in advance on a face casts, then adhere it to your face. Monster brand is also great because it comes in a larger quantity.But may not be the best for directly putting it on your face, because it may irritate the skin and have a strong ammonia smell to it, that can irritate the eyes as well. But for making prosthetic this is affordable and does the job.
  • If you are interested in either of these, just click the picture it is just one click away, literally if you tap on the picture it will take through a portal to the never land of latex. So if you are going to grab this, why not grab it from me? That way I can do some cool future projects, I already have planned!


Fx Gelatin:

So Gelatin is good for the same things as latex, it is very different though in the way that it is used or applied! It is very versatile and recyclable. You can also make your own, which is a very affordable option, I will be putting up the recipe for this in a later post. But there are a few things you need to know before using.

First off, gelatin has to be heated, but please do not boil it. You need to get it hot enough to melt but never boil it, after boiling it, it looses its gelatin like qualities. My preference is to heat up a container of water until it is very hot and then place the whole container of gelatin in the water (not the gelatin alone). Sorta like making a nice bath for the gelatin until it is nice and melty!

Second, Chilling gelatin has the same effect as boiling it. JUST DO NOT DO IT! Yes you do have to cool it, but stay away from the fridge and most definitely the freezer( don’t go to the dark side)!

Third, Gelatin is reusable. But when using it can catch dust, hair and all other the things. So a little tip have a sieve on hand! Also I would only reheat 2 to 3 times, before it gets gross and starts losing its qualities!

Option 1:                                                     Option 2:

Mehron Makeup 3-D Gel (2 oz) (Fleshtone)Professional FX Makeup Gelatin Cubes 4 oz. CLEAR - A Safe Alternative to Latex! FX Makeup, Skin effects, Scars, Prosthetics EASY! by spfxmakeup


4 oz- 12.75$                                     2 oz- 8.50$

Try this very Gelly look

Wax and Rigid Colliodon(3rd degree)

So 3rd degree is really great for creating textures on the skin. It is a quick way of making a direct prosthetic on the face. But beware it is very difficult using for your first time, I would not recommend this to people who are starting out. It is definitely a product for someone who has used it before, but I mean you have to start learning somewhere, right?

Wax form is waxy bet you guessed that and rigid colliodon is in more of a liquid form and drys on the skin.

Option 1:                             Option 2:

Ben nye Fair Scar And Nose Wax3rd Degree Silicone Molding Compound Wound Scar Prosthetic SFX Simulation, Clear 2oz

22.91$                                                     31.99$

3 types of ways 3 different cuts


 Modeling Clay and InstaMorph Plastic

Modeling clay can be used for prosthetic that aren’t meant to be skin like. You can make molds, to then pour gelatin in to or you can make buttons. It isn’t meant for creating scars or wounds that resemble skin but you can use for accessories. Molding Clay can be found in any crafts store.

InstaMorph Plastic can be used to make teeth or again accessories that aren’t meant to become a part of skin. When using heat up water and place plastic into water until it is malleable. Make sure it is not scolding hot.

Try this look with modeling clay

Try this cool beetlejuice look with instamorph plastic

Face Cast:

Alright you guys, if you are gonna want to make a prosthetic that requires more than a few minutes to dry on the skin. I have the perfect thing for you, a face cast! It is perfect when building masks or wounds off of your face but when you adhere them they will fit perfectly, because the cast is LITERALLY a spitting image of your very own, unique, face!

Because it is so unique to you, you can’t buy this in stores. But do not be intimidated, I have help and it is a super easy fun thing to do. Just check out the link below! Now if you don’t have the time to make this here is a simpler solution, go to your nearest craft store and buy a Styrofoam head! But I suggest when you do have time this is 99.9% the better option when making any prosthetic for your own face.

Creating your very own face mask!


Spirit Gum or Pros Aide:

Spirit Gum is an adhesive made up mostly of alcohol. It is used for adhering things such as, wig caps, prosthetic, etc. Pros aide does the same. They are both meant for applying things, there are small differences between the two. I think it is just a preference. I however prefer pros aide, just because it seems to just be less itchy and less irritating to me.

Spirit Gum:                                            Pros aide:

4 Oz 100% Pure Gum Spirits of TurpentineBen Nye Prosthetic Adhesive, 4oz

14.99$- 4 oz.                                          24.95$- 4 oz

* You will need a remover for spirit gum, sometimes you can get 2 in 1*

A video of all the different adhesives


So that is all I have for today…

Alright my little creeps, I have soo much more coming but for today this is all I have for you. Coming next we will be talking all about paints of all sorts. I hope this has helped and if you need anything at all or have any questions, just tell me!


Your Yoda!


A Beginners Guide to Special Effects Makeup: Kit Style!

Hey, my little creeps. Thanks for being here, it shows your interest in sfx makeup and you are wanting to know more. I know the feeling of being overwhelmed by the thought of how to start and where to start. I am here to help you, no worries, I will be your guide into the unknown. You can also refer to me as Yoda. Today we will be discussing the pros and cons of buying a kit vs. building your own collection!

Where I Started

Okay so, I know I called myself Yoda. But if I am being honest, I am still learning just like you. I am not at all a master of fx makeup. In my oppinon fx makeup is something you will never stop learning, there is always something to improve on or a new way of doing something. It is a world of creative minds and creativity is infinite. I am here today to just show you products that are easy to start with, all the things I learned as a beginner and share the mistakes I have learned from. So you do not have to make those same unnecessary mistakes as I did.

Beginner Kits

Alright so if you are one who loves to get everything in one go, a kit will be perfect for you. It is an easy way to get all the products you need for a basic look. Not only that it includes an application guide as well. I do believe these are great, especially starting out. But as a disclaimer, they are very limited in what you can do with them, but as a beginner I don’t see this being a huge problem. You get to get a little taste of what fx makeup is and from that you can build a more extensive collection. So here is a kit I would recommend….

Mehron Makeup Special Fx Kit

  • Step-by-step pictorial instructions for special effects ( Really nice to refer to when confused, has different looks and how to create them)
  • 8-color palette with 3 Mask Covers
  • 5 Color Cup Colors
  • 4.5 oz. Latex Clear ( For creating textures, wounds, scars and can also be used for gluing purposes)
  • 1 oz. Squirt Blood
  • Large Powder Puff
  • 2 oz 3D Clear Gel ( Helps make 3d effects on skin)
  • Stage Blood
  • .5 oz. Coagulated Blood
  • 1 oz. Barrier Spray
  • Crepe Hair
  • 3 full size Stageline Makeup Brushes
  • Colorset Powder
  • 1 oz. Makeup Remover Lotion
  • 1 oz. Brush Cleaner
  • 1 oz. Spirit Gum Remover ( great for removing things)
  • Spirit Gum (for gluing things)
  • Tooth FX Blood Red (Want some bloody teeth, don’t use any other blood, this is safe to be inside your mouth)
  • Tooth FX Nicotine (textures on teeth)
  • Rigid Collodion (When you want skin to clump up)
  • Fixative A
  • 1 oz. Hair White
  • Modeling Putty/Wax ( good for making everything, wounds, moles, fingers, anything it is good for just creating!)
  • Extra Flesh
  • Bruise ProColor Ring( Very nice to have when creating any kind of cut, skin naturally bruises, makes it more realistic)
  • Stipple Sponge (Nice when creating textures and complexity to certain looks)
  • Non Latex Sponges
  • Cotton Swabs ( can be used for soo much!)
  • 2 Prosthetic Bullet Holes ( Love shot victims)
  • 1 Prosthetic Wound ( If you don’t want to create your own wound)

Some YouTube videos:

Unboxing video

How to use 3D gel

Making Various items from latex

Making Bruises

Get this Frankenstein look, with this entire mehron kit! Take a Look!


Alright, my little creeps. In conclusion, this is a great kit to start with. I know, I know you are thinking, okay now what is the cost of all of this. It is only a shocking 95$! In my oppinon that is a great price! I mean think about it, if you put away 25$ of your paycheck and you will have enough money to get this after 4 paychecks. Not only that, they include literally most things you need to start! Which can often get a lot more costly buying all these products separately! This is well worth the money. Now that we have gotten the real scary part out of the way, lets talk reviews and testimonies!

By the way, if you are totally into this, just like I am. Christmas is coming right around the corner. Also get this, if you click on the picture below, it will totally take you to where you can purchase it! I, however, really love this, it comes with everything you need to make some cool looks. Also you are purchasing through your favorite blogger, your Yoda! This helps me create some interesting content for you guys!

It is a 4.6 rated product with 199 reviews!

“This kit is so awesome. I feel like this is a great deal for the price because FX supplies are pretty pricey. The extra flesh is a bit difficult to work with, so make sure you have Skin Prep or a bit on make up remover on your hands when using it, otherwise it just smears everywhere. This is a great kit for either re-stocking on supplies or if you’re just starting out.”

“I purchased this as a gift for a make up artist. She screamed with joy, it is a nice introduction into the items needed for a “kit”. She has had it 4 days and I can count the number of characters that have been created. I strongly recommend for anyone just getting into f/x makeup”

“I’m in love with this. I have been spending so much money all the little things here and there. And it adds up. This had everything I need and! more. I also love the quality. They came in little glass bottles which is rare. And there is even brush cleaner. I was a kid in a candy store to say the least. Love it. Totally worth every penny!!!!!!”

Image result for mehron kit


    Cool, Now LET’S GET GORY!


So you want to know a little bit about me….


First of all thank you, soo much for coming to this website and thank you for wanting to know more about why I wanted to make it in the first place.


I have always been into special effects’ makeup. So much so when I was a youngling and didn’t have a job, which in turn means I had no money nor a way of ever being able to get prosthetics, palette, latex, fake blood(of all kinds), etc. By the way I was a gory little kid. I would use Toilet paper, glue to make prosthetic and chocolate syrup, red food coloring for fake blood, if you ever need any. I would practice on my little brother and myself, may I say I did a great job. Anyways when I grew up, got a job and could afford the things it was particularly hard to find the best products for the best prices. Cause If we are being honest half of us don’t get paid enough to just blow money unconsciously.


Alright, alright… so my main reason for this site is to find great products for a reasonable price. Not only that I will include the many review videos of great sfx artists so you can know exactly what you are getting into, before you get into it. I thought I would save you all the time I spent trying to find products that fit exactly what I love, for a good price. So here is my knowledge use it wisely and have a good ol’ gory time, my little creeps!

If you have any ways that I could better the website let me know, or if you have anything to say at all!

All the best,

Nylah Brooks