A Beginners Guide To Special Effects Blood!

Hello, my little creeps, today I am bringing you something I know you have been waiting for, gore! Yes, you guessed it Blood! We will be talking all about different kinds of blood and what purpose they would be best for. If we are being honest they are great for a lot of things dealing with some really cool Special Effects! Being rich in cinematic history, great for some really cool DIY’s and videos coming your way! This topic will be a series of discussions and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Alright, so shall we get straight into it!

Gel Blood

Gel Blood has any ooey gooey texture that is actually quite satisfying if you ask me. It is great for using when you create a nice gash is fresh, but has gone a few minutes bleeding, kind of blood. It creates the illusion of dripping blood but will stay in place.

But don’t think if you go touching it or bumping into somebody it is gonna stay, because it won’t, don’t lie to yourself. I would recommend getting a darker color of blood for more realistic looks, the more fluorescent red the blood gets the more it becomes less real. But don’t get me wrong, fluorescent red is handy too for certain looks, for example, a devil.

Here are some good gel blood:

Grafttobian Gel Blood 1 oz Bottle: 7.99$ Mehron Coagulated Gel Blood: 6.75$

Graftobian Blood Gel, 1oz BottleImage result for gel blood

A little bit of this goes along way so even though it may be only 1 oz. You should also understand that you never really want to cover up everything that you did because you just did all that hard work, why cover it up? It should last, it is the perfect color and the perfect gooeyness. It is pretty affordable and if we aren’t kidding our selves every SFX artist needs a bit of this in their bag! Or at least I do, this is my favorite type of blood, so yes I need it!

Gash made with latex and Gel Blood

Squirt Blood

Squirt Blood is great for a lot of different techniques, to create a more splattered look. For example in the movie, American Psycho, when he has the poncho on him and he happens to just take an axe to his coworkers head, he is then splattered with blood everywhere. You can create this look, by dipping a makeup brush in the blood to then flick it on your body, you can take a spray bottle spray it on you, you can splatter blood onto you or another object, their are loads you can do! This is more of a blood that is super fresh and looks best if it is little bit more red.

Stage Blood is very similar a little thicker but can also be watered down if need be. At its thicker stage, you can create capsules to put in your teeth, for a vampire look. You can create a future wound by capsules then covering them with latex or a prosthetic to make a scene, such as when you see neck slits in movies and blood squirts out. Here are a couple of different bloods you can use:

Mehron Squirt Blood 2 oz:6:58$

Graftobian Stage Blood 2 oz: 14.00$

Ben Nye Stage Blood 2 oz: 10.95$

Mehron Makeup Squirt Blood (2 oz) (Bright Arterial)Graftobian Stage Blood (2 oz)Stage Blood

Image result for american psycho poncho


Scab Blood

Scab blood is great for creating the effect of an old wound. They are quite thick, such as a paste and usually is made to be pretty dark, as if the blood has oxidized.I love scab blood, It is great for burns, kind of makes it look like the blood has started to caramelize and become thick, gooey and gross. It also doesn’t move, when it is their it stays, you have full control over this blood. Disclaimer this blood is a bit more pricey. Once again, these are good in small amounts, because you won’t need much of them. Here is some scab blood that I enjoy:

Ben nye scab Blood 1 oz: 18.99$   Gratobian Blood Paste 1 oz: 8.24$

Ben Nye BLOOD Fresh Scab Gel 1 ozGraftobian Blood Paste, 1oz Jar

Image result for scab blood sfx look

Gelatine Blood

Gelatine Blood is blood that is made from gelatin so it dries on the skin. This blood is great if you are going to be out or you know their might be wear and tear. It has the same look as gel blood, it has the sheen the only difference is you will need to peel off this blood. You can also create this gelatin at home just use my gelatin recipe, click here for the recipe, then just add some food coloring, red because yah know blood, a little blue to darken the color and yellow. This blood is pretty good for Halloween. Here are some more details on gelatin you should read before creating,Gelatine.

Blood Powder and Alcohol Activated Paint

Blood Powder is great for creating burn looks, because it is a powder it comes off more dusty and crisp than regular blood. You can also us blood powder to create large batches of blood if you want create a carrie’ scene. Just mix with my favorite Karo syrup and you will love this blood. It is more affordable to use this than buying gallons of good realistic blood.

Alcohol Activated Paints are great for creating blood effects too. You know when your wound is a bit smudged or a little wore, these make a cut seem real. Just add a little bit of 99% alcohol and you are good. To learn more about alcohol activated paints just visit my earlier posts, to learn more about different paints.

Image result for Graftobian blood powderImage result for alcohol activated paint blood palette

Image result for sfx burn victim

Teeth Blood

If the name couldn’t be more obvious this blood is designed for your teeth, specifically safe to go in your mouth. When applying it is best if you wait for it to dry before closing your mouth so it lasts longer. It is great for a vampire look or as if someone has been coughing up blood! Oh and remember a little goes a long way.

Mehron Tooth Blood .25 oz Blood Red:  10.99$


Click on the picture if you are interested!

Eye Blood

Just like teeth blood is safe to use in your mouth, eye blood is safe to use in your eyes. Please do not attempt to put any other kind of blood in your eyes except for eye blood, you will regret it. Eye Blood is so much fun, I mean you can use it whenever you see fit, ha get it see! I think it is great with a stranded in the dessert look. But just a disclaimer here it does tend to get a bit more hard to see. So just be cognizant of this when you are choosing where to wear it. Also if you are interested in this, just take a quick click on the picture. I promise it helps me to help you. There is some stuff coming that I am extremely excited about, it is a surprise but it is coming! So if you are going to buy it, as a gift or for yourself, why not do it through me?

Kryolan Red Eye Blood: 34.00$



Until next time,

Your Yoda is signing out, I will see you guys next time with a very gory surprise! This is gonna be fun you guys, don’t worry. I hope this information helped you and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns leave them below. I always try to reply in a good amount of time!






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