A Beginners Guide to Special Effects Makeup: Kit Style!

Hey, my little creeps. Thanks for being here, it shows your interest in sfx makeup and you are wanting to know more. I know the feeling of being overwhelmed by the thought of how to start and where to start. I am here to help you, no worries, I will be your guide into the unknown. You can also refer to me as Yoda. Today we will be discussing the pros and cons of buying a kit vs. building your own collection!

Where I Started

Okay so, I know I called myself Yoda. But if I am being honest, I am still learning just like you. I am not at all a master of fx makeup. In my oppinon fx makeup is something you will never stop learning, there is always something to improve on or a new way of doing something. It is a world of creative minds and creativity is infinite. I am here today to just show you products that are easy to start with, all the things I learned as a beginner and share the mistakes I have learned from. So you do not have to make those same unnecessary mistakes as I did.

Beginner Kits

Alright so if you are one who loves to get everything in one go, a kit will be perfect for you. It is an easy way to get all the products you need for a basic look. Not only that it includes an application guide as well. I do believe these are great, especially starting out. But as a disclaimer, they are very limited in what you can do with them, but as a beginner I don’t see this being a huge problem. You get to get a little taste of what fx makeup is and from that you can build a more extensive collection. So here is a kit I would recommend….

Mehron Makeup Special Fx Kit

  • Step-by-step pictorial instructions for special effects ( Really nice to refer to when confused, has different looks and how to create them)
  • 8-color palette with 3 Mask Covers
  • 5 Color Cup Colors
  • 4.5 oz. Latex Clear ( For creating textures, wounds, scars and can also be used for gluing purposes)
  • 1 oz. Squirt Blood
  • Large Powder Puff
  • 2 oz 3D Clear Gel ( Helps make 3d effects on skin)
  • Stage Blood
  • .5 oz. Coagulated Blood
  • 1 oz. Barrier Spray
  • Crepe Hair
  • 3 full size Stageline Makeup Brushes
  • Colorset Powder
  • 1 oz. Makeup Remover Lotion
  • 1 oz. Brush Cleaner
  • 1 oz. Spirit Gum Remover ( great for removing things)
  • Spirit Gum (for gluing things)
  • Tooth FX Blood Red (Want some bloody teeth, don’t use any other blood, this is safe to be inside your mouth)
  • Tooth FX Nicotine (textures on teeth)
  • Rigid Collodion (When you want skin to clump up)
  • Fixative A
  • 1 oz. Hair White
  • Modeling Putty/Wax ( good for making everything, wounds, moles, fingers, anything it is good for just creating!)
  • Extra Flesh
  • Bruise ProColor Ring( Very nice to have when creating any kind of cut, skin naturally bruises, makes it more realistic)
  • Stipple Sponge (Nice when creating textures and complexity to certain looks)
  • Non Latex Sponges
  • Cotton Swabs ( can be used for soo much!)
  • 2 Prosthetic Bullet Holes ( Love shot victims)
  • 1 Prosthetic Wound ( If you don’t want to create your own wound)

Some YouTube videos:

Unboxing video

How to use 3D gel

Making Various items from latex

Making Bruises

Get this Frankenstein look, with this entire mehron kit! Take a Look!


Alright, my little creeps. In conclusion, this is a great kit to start with. I know, I know you are thinking, okay now what is the cost of all of this. It is only a shocking 95$! In my oppinon that is a great price! I mean think about it, if you put away 25$ of your paycheck and you will have enough money to get this after 4 paychecks. Not only that, they include literally most things you need to start! Which can often get a lot more costly buying all these products separately! This is well worth the money. Now that we have gotten the real scary part out of the way, lets talk reviews and testimonies!

By the way, if you are totally into this, just like I am. Christmas is coming right around the corner. Also get this, if you click on the picture below, it will totally take you to where you can purchase it! I, however, really love this, it comes with everything you need to make some cool looks. Also you are purchasing through your favorite blogger, your Yoda! This helps me create some interesting content for you guys!

It is a 4.6 rated product with 199 reviews!

“This kit is so awesome. I feel like this is a great deal for the price because FX supplies are pretty pricey. The extra flesh is a bit difficult to work with, so make sure you have Skin Prep or a bit on make up remover on your hands when using it, otherwise it just smears everywhere. This is a great kit for either re-stocking on supplies or if you’re just starting out.”

“I purchased this as a gift for a make up artist. She screamed with joy, it is a nice introduction into the items needed for a “kit”. She has had it 4 days and I can count the number of characters that have been created. I strongly recommend for anyone just getting into f/x makeup”

“I’m in love with this. I have been spending so much money all the little things here and there. And it adds up. This had everything I need and! more. I also love the quality. They came in little glass bottles which is rare. And there is even brush cleaner. I was a kid in a candy store to say the least. Love it. Totally worth every penny!!!!!!”

Image result for mehron kit


    Cool, Now LET’S GET GORY!


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  1. There are plenty of makeup styles which are available for special effects which look amazing and terrible to see but this style has to be recreate every month as the makeup looks are different from each other and complexes in looks.

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