A Beginners Guide to Special Effects Makeup: Body and Face Paint

Hello again, my little creeps, so in my last post we talked all about how to build a nice foundation. Today, we are going to be talking about all kinds of paint, to take your look to a whole nother level. I will be telling you the pros and cons of various kinds of paint and what situation these would be good for. So grab your reference picture and let’s get to painting.

Water Activated Paints

So, if you could not tell by the name, these paints are activated by water. The more water you use the more the paint comes off transparent, the less you use the more the paint comes off opaque. I bet you get the idea.

Just like these paints are activated with water, they also can come off with water. Which is great for easy clean up. But is not the best when you may be put in a position where you can sweat or it is raining, or a sprinkler comes on. So for example this would not be the best choice if you were a character in a haunted house.

They are great in the idea that you can control the look the way you want to by adding more water or less to make it opaque or transparent. They are great for making realistic looks, creating veins that seem to be more under the skin than just sitting on top.

Hydrocolor 12 Color PaletteHydrocolor 6 Color Palettes

Option 1: Wolfe Hydrocolor water based paints

  • Full palette: 30$
  • 6 Mini Palettes: 16$ Includes Flesh, Monster, Metallic and the Essentials
  • This company gives a quality product when it comes to watercolor paints, they have been doing it since 2005! They are very pigmented and they don’t stain!

Ben Nye Magicake Face Painting Palettes

Option 2: Ben Nye Aqua Magicake Face Paint

  • 28$
  • Comes with 6 colors that can mixed to make 25-50 colors

Alright you guys so I feel like I must also share with you, there is something called final seal. Sounds professional right? Anyways you can finish these paints with a final seal spray to set your paint so it may last longer and stand up to anything! Be strong paint!


Alcohol activated Paints

So these are pretty straight forward here. They know who they are and they let you know too. This kind of paint is activated by alcohol, but something you may not know is that it requires 99% alcohol. So it is great in terms of transparency and being opaque, once again if you would like it that way either add more alcohol or less. It is great for details and realistic looks, not only that this paint will remain in the worst of circumstances. They are gonna stay put rain or shine! Although you wouldn’t want to put this paint near you eyes, cause yah know, the alcohol.

Skin Illustrator FX Palette - Alcohol Activated Palette - A MUST HAVE by PPIPPI Skin Illustrator Zombie Makeup PaletteSkin Illustrator Starter Palette - NEW PRODUCT! 12 colors

Skin Illustrator ( Various Kinds)

  • What is really great about this brand, they create different palettes for different looks. Such as, Flesh, Zombie, Blood, wolf, etc. But If you are a first time buyer I would recommend getting the starter palette.
  • They are a little pricey but they are really great in quality and will last you a while.
  • They run from 40-90$ depending on the pallet and the amount of colors.
  • The starter pallet: 60$ and comes with 12 colors, which you can pick by just clicking right

The One Set Flesh tone Palette is my favorite, if you would like to know! It is great for creating very realistic looks, I mean I use this for everything. I don’t know where my life would be without it! They have two palettes light and dark both ranging in tones to work with, at a minimum 5 different skin tones.  If you want to buy this, why not do it through me! I just funnel it back into some really cool content to make for you guys. That I am super excited to do! Well anyways if you click on the picture, it will take you straight to it! It is 84.99$ the perfect gift and comes with 10 different colors.  Also great for any looks!Cream Paints and Grease Paints

So this is the last type of paint I have for you guys. They are really great for using on prosthetics but may not be the best for body painting, they are very transferable. They will come off very easily and they have little control. They however are a great affordable option! Although you may not be able to control how opaque they may be, they are very pigmented. Just like with makeup you can choose how much you would like to put on your face. They always last me a decent amount of time and come in handy! These however will require a lot of really good setting powder!


Graftobian Professional Makeup Severe Trauma Wheel, 1 OunceBen Nye Color Makeup Wheels - Rainbow RW (6 Colors)

Creme and Grease Paints

  • We have Graftobian, ben nye and not pictured above mehron
  • All great, very pigmented
  • Range from 10-20$, you can find some even cheaper at Halloween stores

Some videos to help:

See how to use your alcohol pallets with efficiency

Body Paints!

The Grinch Body paint, cause if you didn’t know my favorite holiday is Christmas and Halloween comes second. #sorrynotsorry

In Conclusion.

That is it my little creeps, all I have left to say is all of these items are great. It just depends on what you are doing to be a deciding factor. I hope this has helped your needs and I will see you next time. Next time, I am going to be talking all about how to be a cheap and DIY. So if you like getting a little crafty stay tuned and as always stay creepy! This is your Yoda checking out.





6 Replies to “A Beginners Guide to Special Effects Makeup: Body and Face Paint”

  1. I love facepaint! I always get a vine and some flowers on my face when I go to the fair. Other than that, I’ve never dabbled with body paint. But a friend of mine has a family corn maze/haunted maze that they do every year. The makeup they use for it is so realistic. They probably use these alcohol paints along with some other tactics they know. I never knew there were different options like this. Good to know!

    1. Thank you Nicole, that maze haunted house sounds so fun! I just went to a haunted house last night haha once you realize how much work goes into the making of everything it makes it even more interesting but not any less scary! You should try dabbling in the world of differant kinds of body painting, it is like art. Thanks again and have a wonderful day!

  2. Great post! I didn’t know there were so many choices of special effects paint. My kids love dressing up (especially with Halloween coming up) so I will check some of these awesome paints for their ghostly costumes.
    I love your site and I’m off to check out more of your articles now. Thanks

    1. Thank you so much Helen, if your kids need any ideas for what they want to be, I have some really cool costumes ideas on the site as well. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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