Edible Fake Blood Recipes Video

Hello, my little creeps, today I am bringing you an D.I. Y of how to make your own fake blood. You know that little surprise I have been hinting at while doing this blood series! It is finally here, I know it took a little while, but no more holding your breath. The big reveal… I started a YouTube channel. In which, I will be doing more visual ways of learning for those of you who learn better that way or just for entertainment purposes. I figured this would be the best time to put this out there, right before the holidays, as a gift from me to you, that will continue giving.

I definitely plan on doing an “after Christmas, Christmas series”, because why save all the cheer for just the holidays? I may also just love the holidays and want to prolong it, either way, I am very excited to be going on this journey with my little creeps. Speaking of stay tuned here, this is going to be the perfect place for all the insider things. Also, this is where it all started, so anything related to special effects makeup will be posted here first!

So Subscribe here and subscribe on my YouTube channel, cause this girl has loads of ideas coming your way! Happy Holidays, and without further adieu…

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