Make Your Own: Special Effects Gelatin

Hello my creeps, I am back again and when I make a promise, I keep my promise. I have something for you today that hits home for me, making my own things, y’all I have always been the kind of person to DIY everything. I mean who could hate it, its crafty, its affordable and you made it with your own two hands. Now I am gonna finally get to the point, today we are making sfx gelatin, to fulfill all your creative needs.


  • Microwave
  • Bowl
  • Gloves
  • Ice cube trays( best with silicone)
  • Long spoon to stir with


(Ratio/My recipe)

  • 1 Part/ 100g Gelatine
  • 2.5 Part/ 250g Sorbital
  • 3 Parts/ 300g Glycerin

Basically when finished it should be more liquid to powder, overtime you will probably change this recipe based on just what you prefer. But it will always remain more liquid to powder.

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History Time!

Gelatin is a very versatile product for creating looks, we have talked about this before right here, “Starter Kit Specials Effects Makeup: Building up a look” ! So we are going to be taking a history class,dun Dun DUN! Back in the day in 1925, Mr Oscar T Bloom created a machine for testing the strengths of glue and gelatin. The machine judged the strength of gelatin form 30 to 300. Commercial gelatin found in stores and used in food is around 120 bloom. Sfx gelatin is around 300 bloom.

  • Low Level: 30-125
  • Medium level: 175-225
  • High Level: 225-300

This is a lil bit hilarious because there is another definition of bloom related to gelatin as well. So when you hear you have to let the gelatin bloom, they mean you have to let the gelatin sit so that it may be incorporated to your base properly. Without letting the gelatin bloom it will have a low level of bloom(the other one). Man this guy was a little bit into himself.

Disclaimer: Sfx gelatin is not vegan it is made from collagen, which is found in animals. I would also recommend buying the ingredients at Mouldlife, this way you can buy everything at once and it all comes in the mail at once. They also only really sell these items in bulk, which is great, I think! You buy it once and you always have the products to make gelatin on hand.


  1. Mix the three ingredients together
  2. Let soak overnight, to make bloom the gelatin or make sure the gelatin is incorporated
  3. Microwave for six minutes in 2 minute increments, until granules of gelatin is melted and smooth
  4. Place in ice cube trays
  5. Let cool, on counter
  6. Pull out( Ha, which will be easier if you have a silicone ice cube tray)
  7. Place in sealed container or sealed bag
  8. DONE!
  9. As easy as that!

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