So you want to know a little bit about me….


First of all thank you, soo much for coming to this website and thank you for wanting to know more about why I wanted to make it in the first place.


I have always been into special effects’ makeup. So much so when I was a youngling and didn’t have a job, which in turn means I had no money nor a way of ever being able to get prosthetics, palette, latex, fake blood(of all kinds), etc. By the way I was a gory little kid. I would use Toilet paper, glue to make prosthetic and chocolate syrup, red food coloring for fake blood, if you ever need any. I would practice on my little brother and myself and may I say I did a great job. Anyways when I grew up, got a job and could afford the things it was particularly hard to find the best products for the best prices. Cause If we are being honest half of us don’t get paid enough to just blow money unconsciously.


Alright, alright… so my main reason for this site is to find great products for a reasonable price. Not only that I will include the many review videos of great sfx artists so you can know exactly what you are getting into, before you get into it. I thought I would save you all the time I spent trying to find products that fit exactly what I love, for a good price. So here is my knowledge use it wisely and have a good ol’ gory time, my little creeps!

If you have any ways that I could better the website let me know, or if you have anything to say at all!

All the best,

Nylah Brooks

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