Starter Kit Special Effects Makeup: Building up a look!

Hey, my little creeps, it is your favorite guide back again. So in my last post we talked about kits and I told you I would be coming to tell you how to build your own. Today we will be speaking on wounds, scars, holes, bites, burns and the removal of them. I am going to be giving you a summary on all prosthetic materials so you can build your very own look. This is the foundation, so use your mind, be creative and you can become anything you would like!

Liquid Latex

I am sure you have heard of liquid latex, it is a very useful product to have in your collection. From making full latex masks, to using it for building scars and wounds of any sort. You can also use with, tissue paper, cotton balls and coffee grounds to create textures as well to apply other prosthetic, such as a bald caps. This is a must have in your collection! So here are a few options, with prices and amounts.

Before we get into this I have a little disclaimer. It is a common allergy, so before you apply to your entire face, try using on a little patch of your arm or leg to see how your body reacts to the product. Also, some liquid latex may let off a smell that may irritate your eyes before drying, so don’t be alarmed just next time try getting one with less ammonia!

Option 1:                                               Option 2:


16 oz                                                      8 oz

14.88 $                                                  23.95$

Make this awesome venom mask with latex!

  • Honestly my choice would be the Ben Nye Liquid Latex, just because it is better quality, in my opinion. For putting it on your face directly,  I would definitely go with Ben Nye. Just cause I know I have sensitive skin and with the monster latex, I am not really sure how it would react to my skin. The Monster Liquid Latex is more for purposes in which you create the prosthetic in advance on a face casts, then adhere it to your face. Monster brand is also great because it comes in a larger quantity.But may not be the best for directly putting it on your face, because it may irritate the skin and have a strong ammonia smell to it, that can irritate the eyes as well. But for making prosthetic this is affordable and does the job.
  • If you are interested in either of these, just click the picture it is just one click away, literally if you tap on the picture it will take through a portal to the never land of latex. So if you are going to grab this, why not grab it from me? That way I can do some cool future projects, I already have planned!


Fx Gelatin:

So Gelatin is good for the same things as latex, it is very different though in the way that it is used or applied! It is very versatile and recyclable. You can also make your own, which is a very affordable option, I will be putting up the recipe for this in a later post. But there are a few things you need to know before using.

First off, gelatin has to be heated, but please do not boil it. You need to get it hot enough to melt but never boil it, after boiling it, it looses its gelatin like qualities. My preference is to heat up a container of water until it is very hot and then place the whole container of gelatin in the water (not the gelatin alone). Sorta like making a nice bath for the gelatin until it is nice and melty!

Second, Chilling gelatin has the same effect as boiling it. JUST DO NOT DO IT! Yes you do have to cool it, but stay away from the fridge and most definitely the freezer( don’t go to the dark side)!

Third, Gelatin is reusable. But when using it can catch dust, hair and all other the things. So a little tip have a sieve on hand! Also I would only reheat 2 to 3 times, before it gets gross and starts losing its qualities!

Option 1:                                                     Option 2:

Mehron Makeup 3-D Gel (2 oz) (Fleshtone)Professional FX Makeup Gelatin Cubes 4 oz. CLEAR - A Safe Alternative to Latex! FX Makeup, Skin effects, Scars, Prosthetics EASY! by spfxmakeup


4 oz- 12.75$                                     2 oz- 8.50$

Try this very Gelly look

Wax and Rigid Colliodon(3rd degree)

So 3rd degree is really great for creating textures on the skin. It is a quick way of making a direct prosthetic on the face. But beware it is very difficult using for your first time, I would not recommend this to people who are starting out. It is definitely a product for someone who has used it before, but I mean you have to start learning somewhere, right?

Wax form is waxy bet you guessed that and rigid colliodon is in more of a liquid form and drys on the skin.

Option 1:                             Option 2:

Ben nye Fair Scar And Nose Wax3rd Degree Silicone Molding Compound Wound Scar Prosthetic SFX Simulation, Clear 2oz

22.91$                                                     31.99$

3 types of ways 3 different cuts


 Modeling Clay and InstaMorph Plastic

Modeling clay can be used for prosthetic that aren’t meant to be skin like. You can make molds, to then pour gelatin in to or you can make buttons. It isn’t meant for creating scars or wounds that resemble skin but you can use for accessories. Molding Clay can be found in any crafts store.

InstaMorph Plastic can be used to make teeth or again accessories that aren’t meant to become a part of skin. When using heat up water and place plastic into water until it is malleable. Make sure it is not scolding hot.

Try this look with modeling clay

Try this cool beetlejuice look with instamorph plastic

Face Cast:

Alright you guys, if you are gonna want to make a prosthetic that requires more than a few minutes to dry on the skin. I have the perfect thing for you, a face cast! It is perfect when building masks or wounds off of your face but when you adhere them they will fit perfectly, because the cast is LITERALLY a spitting image of your very own, unique, face!

Because it is so unique to you, you can’t buy this in stores. But do not be intimidated, I have help and it is a super easy fun thing to do. Just check out the link below! Now if you don’t have the time to make this here is a simpler solution, go to your nearest craft store and buy a Styrofoam head! But I suggest when you do have time this is 99.9% the better option when making any prosthetic for your own face.

Creating your very own face mask!


Spirit Gum or Pros Aide:

Spirit Gum is an adhesive made up mostly of alcohol. It is used for adhering things such as, wig caps, prosthetic, etc. Pros aide does the same. They are both meant for applying things, there are small differences between the two. I think it is just a preference. I however prefer pros aide, just because it seems to just be less itchy and less irritating to me.

Spirit Gum:                                            Pros aide:

4 Oz 100% Pure Gum Spirits of TurpentineBen Nye Prosthetic Adhesive, 4oz

14.99$- 4 oz.                                          24.95$- 4 oz

* You will need a remover for spirit gum, sometimes you can get 2 in 1*

A video of all the different adhesives


So that is all I have for today…

Alright my little creeps, I have soo much more coming but for today this is all I have for you. Coming next we will be talking all about paints of all sorts. I hope this has helped and if you need anything at all or have any questions, just tell me!


Your Yoda!


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