Top 10 Makeup Transformations in Film History

Hello, my little creeps, I must apologize I’ve been gone for a week. But don’t worry it has been a very productive week, I have got a few projects I am working on. While that is taking some time, I figured I would drop by with some cool film facts! So today we are going to be talking all about cool special effects makeup in film history. Starting at the best going into legendary!

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Ron Perlman as “Hellboy”(2004)

Taking many hours, many prosthetics, a skull cap filled with foam and huge fists. Most of his body is created by latex prosthetics. Fun fact, Ron Perlman was hired after the costume was made. The costume was created by Rick Bakers Cinovation studio. The makeup was applied by Jake Garber, Garber has been involved with a ton of other movies! He also is involved with not only the makeup but stunts, art directing and puppetry.

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John Matuszack as Sloth


Sitting at four to five hours in a chair, sloth the big friendly giant came to life! With a remote control eye, ears and a lot of prosthetics! Steve Lapone thank you for creating such a masterpiece.

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Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger (1984)

“A Nightmare on Elm Street”

Us 90s kids worsts nightmares. Stay awake so Freddy Kruger couldn’t slip into your dreams. Burned alive now he has the ability to enter dreams and he is thirsty for blood! Kevin Yahger the artists used, a bald cap, makeup and prosthetics to create this look. The most iconic burn victim known to man!

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Dustin Hoffman as “Tootsie”(1982)

We all know about the past history of turning men into women in film. These kinds of transformations have a place in all of our hearts. This one was quite legendary. Before accepting the job Dustin Hoffman had to make sure he could walk the streets of New York and no one would question his womanhood. In fact, he actually picked his daughter up from school and she did not recognize him at all. So when he accepted the offer he had to endure a stretched face, new long and thin teeth and masked pores. Here is a very serious quote from Hoffman, “I had an epiphany looking into the mirror as a woman, it changed my whole outlook on how I look at a woman!”

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Jeff Goldblum as Seth Brundle

“The Fly” (1986)

On one eerie night, a very impatient scientist named Seth Brundle transported himself, using a machine he had created. Little did he know a fly joined him on his trip combining there DNA! Slowly he would enter different stages of his last true self half fly, half man. Spending five hours in the chair and plenty of latex, eggs, honey and milk. Being that there is several stages of makeup and a budget they had to use more affordable options.

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Doug Jones as Paleman

“Pans Labyrinth” (2006)

If you have ever seen this saggy sac of a creature you most likely can’t decide whether you want to never see this creature again or see it all the time, in awe. This is a masterpiece created by Arjen Tuiten also doing makeup for Maleficent and Wonder! This makeup features completely sealed face, saggy skin from head to toe, CGI eye hands and legs. This took a total of 6 hours!

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Colin Clive as “Frankenstein”(1931)

This film is a classic! I really appreciate the foundations of masterful special effects makeup. Especially since it was created in 1931, the time period of no latex. Using mostly glue, gum and cotton. 35 pounds later Frankenstein was born.

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Planet of the Apes(1968)

The Oscar winning John Chambers took lead of all the makeup. So he actually was not involved with special effects makeup until this movie. Before he had joined the wonderful world of film he created prosthetic noses, chins and other body parts for patients. With his team of 80 artists he created individual molds for 80 actors to then create ape masks. To prepare for this he would visit the zoo and study the movement of apes. He then created a rubber foam that could mimic these movements. With his team he created over a hundred different masks.

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John Hurt as John Merrick

“Elephant Man”(1980)

At a startling total of 49 hours in the chair working in different sections of the body, the elephant man takes lead! This exquisite work was created by Christopher Tucker. In fact, he was so deep into his work he received an x-ray image of the elephant mans bone structure that he worked off of. People were so enraged the academy was not recognizing this work, they started an uproar that lead to the academy creating a Special Effects makeup categorie. Yes, this was the movie that made the academy recognize special effects makeup.

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Check out this video of Christopher Tucker on creating “The Elephant Man”


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